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Who we are?

Let us introduce about Our Work

Berluk company entered the stock market in 2017. It was established by the skilled trader’s team. Education in world-recognized universities as well as personal security trading experience will allow developing onward strategies and concepts to ensure a stable profit path for a proprietary trading company. Our company experts earn successfully on the world’s most popular stock platforms. We provide our traders with the best conditions to do trades including well-functioning infrastructure. Our capital ensures operations with major financial funds for lots of traders simultaneously. We offer our investors mutually beneficial cooperation based on clear agreements. Company experts are ready to raise your profit using correctly applied and time-proved strategies. We are dedicated to short and long-term perspectives.

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Full knowledge of stock platforms

We are a reliable partner as a proprietary trading company that is trustworthy for you to place your assets with. If you want to invest your funds wisely and get your interest already in a short-term perspective then we will definitely help you.

Market analysis and forecast

We are aware that minimal risk tradings are only possible with long-term experience and a detailed study of the global economics state. That is why we make not only short-term deals but look way forward.

Use update methods to predict the situation

We constantly enhance trading and watch over modern trends which ensure our work be hard. High performance increases profit both for our company and for our investors. We are exceptionally high result-oriented. When we make big deals we do not act mechanically but carefully study an opportunity to make money at this. All final decisions are taken deliberately and after a case thoughtful analysis.


Our team includes active analysts and businesspeople

They got colossal experience in cooperation with trading companies. Among them, there are specialists in trades psychology.


High experience in the Forex and Cryptocurrency

Our experience plays a key role in delivering fast and accurate ordering during various business meetings. This is also important to facilitate fast market operations.


Customer Sustainable Profit is our goal

Nowadays we have a target to become a proprietary trading company of a new generation that offers as open and clear cooperation terms as possible. We do not stand still but develop on a continuous basis thanks to that we keep at the high level in the stock transaction business. Anyone that deals with us can easily make sure about that.

A small portion of investments

Average daily intake is over $ 790

  • 40%

    Public Presale - 276 Million
  • 45%

    Private Presale - 207 Million
  • 30%

    Public Token Sale - 207 Million

Road Map

The roadmap is clear, the ultimate goal is high profit from investing in big markets.

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