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Deposit plans do their work every business day from Monday to Friday. The peculiarity of the plans in the section of the marketing proposal for USD Currency. It includes daily accrual of profit to your balance sheet and with the possibility of withdrawing this money. The body of the deposit is returned to your personal account upon the expiration of the term of the deposit. Deposits in the Cryptocurrency Rulers (BTC ETH) are without accruing your deposit. This money is included in the daily accrual of your profit. Deposit plans in the author’s idea have their own properties with daily accrual of profit. Such as display in accrual history with a floating percentage of profit. This profit is not shown on the balance sheet. Profit and the deposit itself are credited to your balance sheet at the end of the term of the deposit plan. Also, all profits from deposit plans are accrued 24 hours after the investment.

The company's rules for funds withdrawal stipulate 48 hours. Funds withdrawal is available on Monday.

Funds will be credited to your account right after we get the required confirmation from the payment system. For all cryptocurrencies, we require a transaction to get at least 6 confirmation from the Net before our system processes it. Transaction velocity is different for various cryptocurrencies and depends dramatically on the load of the particular cryptocurrency Net. You always can check out the transaction progress through any block viewers (BlockCypher, EtherScan). Payments arrive at PerfectMoney and Payeer almost instantly but in very rare circumstances a payment system does not send us the notification about payment so we have to process the payment manually.

Our team consists of only experts with not less than 10 year experience in finance. They develop optimal investment strategies. Highly qualified financial management helps us minimize risks providing our investors with high profits.

No. You can use the partnership program as an opportunity to make profit without deposits.

You can go to "Contacts" tab and shoot a letter to our e-mail. You also can contact the technical support on the website. We will reply you shortly.

Yes, you can invest in Bitcoins and transfer profit to your dollar account using exchanger in your personal area through currency exchange

We do not charge any commission fees. This will depend on your payment system.

Choose as you prefer and in compliance with your targets and financial state. Each Berluk Company product has its advantages.

Yes, you have an opportunity to earn more using several Berluk Company deposit programs simultaneously.

You do not have to withdraw funds after the expiration of the Berluk Company deposit program. You can reinvest your profit instantly.

You can invest any amount within BTC — 0.001 btc and 20 btc. USD — 10 USD and 800000 USD. ETH — 0.3eth and 1000 eth.

The company offers payments for a deposit program in USD, BTC and ETH. For example, if you use Bitcoin, all further investments will be progressing in this same cryptocurrency. When you decide to use another electronic wallet, investments will be effected in the corresponding currency.

We work with the most popular and comprehensive payment systems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Payeer and Perfect Money.

You probably entered wrong details to withdraw funds. Please, make sure you that you provided correct payment details. If the problem is not resolved yet, please, contact the technical support and your issue will be solved shortly.

Your partnership program is an additional way to earn. You can use it at your own discretion.

You will have to submit a request to the company's technical support. The company will consider your inquiry, then you will receive feedback from the company shortly.

You can manage your profit in the partnership program on your own.

Any adult person can invest irrespective of location, profit level and social status. All you need is to just sign up on our website. Then all Berluk Company products will be available for investment.

The company trades on the world crypto exchanges as well as operates on exchange markets, stock markets. The company trades in a speculative way. This ensures not only profit derived from increase but also reduction of asset value. The company receives partner's investments to rise traded value. We are an international company that develops particular trading strategies to make profit. Our partners invest to our unique trading strategies thus ensure profit.

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